Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seeing is believing

I know that I am pregnant. I have morning sickness, I haven't had a period for months, my stomach is swollen (nothing new there), I've pee'd on a stick and had a blood test. So why did I get such a sense of relief when I saw my baby in its first ultrasound? Probably because I am a visual person and I NEED to see! I'm one of those people who need to watch the needle going in. ...although in saying that, I did refuse the offer of a mirror during childbirth...
Now I've seen the baby bouncing and rolling around inside, I know there is no doubt that I am knocked up. No embarrassing moments in 6 months time when midwife finally figures out I'm just fat, not pregnant.
Ultrasounds are funny things. Not exactly the type of pics they take at Portrait Place. Can't really see how cute the baby is, but amazing and reassuring none the less. I was given a DVD of live footage and a CD of images. Unfortunately my computer wont read the CD so I will have to use another comp to see the pics.
So visitors be warned, instead of being subject to the standard holiday photo album, you will be shown DVD footage of my babys first ultrasound!

PS, Eliza is dead set keen on calling the baby Fred...