Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too Aware?

Eliza became a bit more aware today.

She started to watch the NBN interview on my iPhone (she can work the thing like a 20 year old). The first line came through loud and clear. "if a cure isn't found, 9 month old Ruby will DIE from cystic fibrosis" That was as far as we got as I snatched the phone off her. She looked at me with her big blue eyes and said "I don't WANT Ruby to die"

What did I say? "Don't worry, she won't. Well she will, but not yet. When she's really old. Is that Daddy home? Want an easter egg?"  Didn't handle that one too well.

She didn't say anything more about it until about 10 minutes later. It was obviously on her mind. She stated how clever she was saying cystic fibrosis properly. She asked why Kai and Ollie didn't have CF. "but why does Ruby?'

I hope she understood what I meant when I said that everyone is different, on the inside and the outside.

She knows the names of Ruby's medicine, she checks to see if she needs her Creon. She helps(?) with physio. Eliza is a very switched on little girl. She makes sure Ruby doesn't touch other kids drink bottles and I've even heard her tell someone off for not covering their mouth when they coughed. She is always seeking answers and wanting to know more. No detail goes unnoticed with Eliza. So I have a feeling that Eliza will still be very young when the gravity of the situation hits home for her. When she starts asking the hard questions. When she can't be so easily distracted.

This of course hasn't saved Ruby from the normal sibling rivalry. Which I am grateful for!Nothing like a bit of a shove or a stolen toy to make you feel normal ! Thankfully balanced out with lots of cuddles and gigges together xx