Friday, November 19, 2010

A Common Cold?

Ruby in her adult sized hospital bed watching Play School

Ruby got her first cold the other day. Not a bad cold but ended up in a trip to the hospital regardless. Her snot is really sticky, not runny (thanks CF) so it didn't run out her nose. Babies can't blow noses or cough up phlegm purposely so everything ended up being swallowed. This resulted in her being constipated with a big sticky goopy poo which made it's way out with some help! Nothing is straightforward with a CF baby.

But we learn. Next time I won't be so freaked out by seeing green bile vomit and just give her some Glycerol. Next time I won't let Eliza watch Ruby get her temp checked rectally as a think we are in for a surprise when she next plays doctors...


Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Oh my! Do watch out when you play doctors next! That did make me giggle.
I hope Ruby is feeling better and you are okay. I have no experience with CF babies but from a Mums point of view who had a baby with other lung problems I understand how scary it can be when they go in and out of hospital when they are so tiny.
It is good to see she isn't missing any vital Playschool time and that she gets her own 'big bed' bed it uncomfortable and with boring white sheets! Take care Fee xx

edele said...

Danni I love this idea and feel lucky to have met you and Craig nod the beautiful girls . I told you you were the best mum to birth ruby in the most awesome way you did and now you are proving to be the best mum she could have too and no doubt you will become an expert in knowing what she needs and when sooner than u know it ! I am going to enjoy your. Blog !