Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Team Ruby

Well our day has been and gone. I'm sure everyone by now has heard me rave on about how touched and blown way I was with the amount of support and love that we received, so I won't write about the day. Instead, I have made a montage! Don't worry, it's not too emotional and not too long. But a picture tells a thousand words, so here you are...

Our fundraising so far is $14250 with more on it's way. Half the money goes to our CF clinic at Westmead hospital, the other half to CF NSW. It's not too late to donate if you haven't already!


***if you have more pics, send them to me! There are team members I am missing***


Anonymous said...

Awesome video! Well done, to you for putting it all together xo

Anonymous said...

Danni - I love it!! and what a great way to remember the day! I've said it once, and I'll say it again - Ruby chose the right family to be born into. Annmaree xx

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

oh you just made me cry! Can I blog about you? Link up and send some traffic your way? Can we still donate now?

Danni said...

More than happy for you to include us in your blog! I'm not to cluey on the blog features, so just tell me what you need :)

Donations can still be made until the end of the month so it would be great if we keep getting exposure and hopefully some last minute donations. They can be made via our My Cause page:
or via direct deposit

Thanks Fi