Monday, October 29, 2012


Utterly emotionally drained after saying farewell to a beautiful soul today. I cried for my friend, who lost her sister. I cried for her mum whom I share a common bond with. I cried for myself. The sadness in the chapel was tangible. No-one wanted to leave. No-one wanted it to be final.
Amanda was well loved. Her friends grief and tributes left me wishing I knew her better. She was an amazing person and I look forward to hearing more stories about her life, when her sister is ready to share them with me. A life so full of love and living that it's hard to understand how such a progressive illness eventually takes over.
The drumming tribute calmed and grounded me. What a beautiful parting gift her friends gave her. Observed by a lone girl, dressed in colour, shrouded in sadness. A woman who has lost her best friend. What can you say to ease the pain?
Amanda did not let Cystic Fibrosis get her down. Anything I say about her will sound like a cliche. Her life was about kindness and nature and for standing up for what you believe in. In 28 years, she did more, felt more, helped more than others do in 80 years.
I know I am now going to live every day better, for having known Amanda.
Today was a sad day, my friends and I held each other and cried. Friendship is a beautiful thing.

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