Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clinic Visit May 2012

All 4 of us made the trip to Westmead today. I swear the hospital shrinks every time we go there. It used to be a huge imposing city within a building, now it doesn't seem so big, and only slightly less daunting.

As soon as we get there, Ruby gets weighed and measured. Her weight had dropped ever so slightly but that is to be expected after the 3 months of fighting pseudo. Now that the pseudo is gone, Operation Fat is number one priority again. You would think that keeping your child a healthy weight is easy, but actually it is quite hard. It requires planning, calculating, coaxing and buying extra high fat food. And you can't relax about it, it is never ending. Then you have to factor on the enzymes. No point working hard to serve healthy, high fat meals if you are not giving enough Creon (pancreatic enzymes) to cover it. 

Her lungs sound good, her fingers show no signs of clubbing. Although they were embarrassingly dirty! Eliza took the opportunity to ask the dr if people with Cystic Fibrosis were allowed rabbits, and was very pleased when the answer was yes! With precautions of course with cleanliness. 

Dr Eliza!

Ruby had another sputum sample collected. She has finally worked out that a jar of jellybeans follow the procedure, so no fighting occurred. 

Our CF nurse suctioning for a sputum sample

We took in our new Aeroneb Go nebuliser, and our CF nurse and physiotherapist had lots of questions about it. They were all happy with how it worked, even though Ruby didn't want to wear it for them. They have been recommending to to patients but haven't had many personal reviews on it, so we were happy to provide one. They were amazed at how quick it nebulised 4 mls of hypertonic saline. 

Speaking of saline, the concentration that Ruby has been having was increased. So she was on 3% (which is the same as sea water) and now she is on 6%. Hopefully this will produce a more productive cough.

A while back, Ruby's Vitamin A & E levels were very low so we doubled the dosage of liquid vitamins that she was on. So today she had to have blood tests to check the levels again. And my little warrior didn't even flinch. She just watched the needle go in and then showed off her pretty bandaid. That's the first time we have had no tears xx

Showing off her pretty bandaid (and yet another specimen jar of jellybeans!)

We have booked in to go back for a sweat test. This is one of the ways to diagnose CF. It measures the amount of sodium in sweat. A high reading indicates CF. Although we don't need to confirm Ruby's diagnosis, it is good to have a reading to use as a baseline, especially if she is chosen for any clinical trials.

We also booked in for our next visit which will be her annual checkup. My baby will be 2 years old soon, sob!

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