Monday, May 7, 2012

How Is She?

If you ask me how Ruby is going, please excuse the strange look on my face while I figure out how to answer you. A simple question but sometimes not quite a simple answer.

You see, the answer will vary depending on who you are and where we are.

If you are a doctor at clinic day, you will get the unabridged version where the answer will cover everything from bowel movements to runny noses.

If you are a close friend or family, you will be told what bugs she is fighting and how she is coping with treatments.

If you are a casual acquaintance that I bump into at the shops, you will probably be told "not too bad thanks"

Because although I really appreciate you taking the time to ask, and for keeping Ruby in your thoughts, I find it hard to answer the question without either grossing you out or boring you to sleep. I guess the technical answer would be something like this;
"she is a bit congested at the moment, but her lungs are clear. Her vitamin D level is borderline and her Vitamin A was low so she will have a blood test at the end of the month to re-check. Her body is responding well to the Tobi although treatment time is sometimes very stressful. She is eating well but her weight is low. Thanks for asking!"

But I guess the most important information can summed up like this;
"she is really happy at the moment, being cheeky and always smiling. We are working really hard to keep her healthy, and although her body is having a bit of an internal battle at the moment, she isn't doing too bad. Thanks for asking!"

So there is the answer to the simple question! (I was always one to over think things)