Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bee in my Bonnett

Yes, I officially have a bee in my bonnett.

As a family, we have entered our first CF fundraiser/awareness event. We have entered a team in the 65k 4 65 Roses Walkathon. We are Team Ruby.

On the 5th of March Craig and other team members will be walking 65k in one day to raise money for the CF Clinic at Westmead Hospital and for CFNSW 

I feel like I am doing something. I have a goal, a purpose. I'm raising money to save my daughters life. I know that sounds melodramatic, but lets look at the facts. Let's look past her happy personality and beautiful smile and see whats inside. You would see a set of lungs full of mucus, ready to hold onto and breed bacteria, turning it into an infection, resulting in scar tissue. You would see a pancreas that doesn't work as it is too clogged up of that same mucus. You would see a re-sectioned bowel. You would see that same mucus again in the ovaries, stopping the release of eggs, leading to infertility.

Sometimes it's hard to compredend what is going on inside, when outside she is just so perfect.

But I'm getting off track here. Back to my bee. I've been buzzing around like mad, promoting our team and organising fundraising. This is so important to me that I sometimes have to take a step back and remember that not everyone has a child with CF. Not everyone feels as strongly about this as me. I have this sense of urgency about me and I don't really understand it. All I know is that money will cure Ruby's disease. I wish it wasn't like that but it is. The CF gene has been identified and has been cloned and "cured", but not permanently. They are so close to finding a cure , money pays for results, as simple as that.

I have had a few tears leak out during Team Rubys existance. The faith that I had lost in the universe (without really realising) is coming back. I have amazing friends. Hell, I even have amazing aquaintances! The amount of people that have helped us is just heart warming, it really is. Here are some amazing things that are happening for us:

My yoga teacher is donating a whole mornings takings to Team Ruby
My friend Shirley is donating 10% of her Avon sales to Team Ruby
My Tupperware lady is donating 20% of sales to Team Ruby
Our family friend Mel is walking the walk, but is also helping in a million and one other other ways, even though she is a mum and works full time
My friend Laura is giving away 3 remedial massages for us
My mothers group let me use them as an outlet, they are my best friends and I love them all
My cousin Michelle donated a manicure for us to use as a prize
My friend Caz is donating a family photography sitting to one lucky donor
My friend Anita has asked that no presents be bought for her sons birthday, just donations to Team Ruby

So, please help us out if you can! You can donate here: 

And join our Facebook page here: 

This will be our one major fundraising effort for the year



Anonymous said...

Fantastic post again Dan, frank and up front as usual. And I shed a tear, so that means it's a touching post to boot :) I understand your Bee entirely, makes complete sense. Does it make more sense to you too after writing the post?

I will see what else I can round up and spread the word further,

much love to you 4
Shirl xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi there lovely,
can you send me a PDF of the "poster" for Team Ruby and I will send to all at my (your old) work. Remember there are approx 300 people there and I'm sure a few would like to help!! I go back to work next week so send it now so I have it ready to take.

Mel said...

That is beautiful, Danni! And yes, you made me cry! The people around you rally around you for a reason, and that's because you and your family inspire the rest of us every day. Amazing!! xox

Kelly said...

Mel is right, you have such support because of the inspiration u bring into our lives. I wonder ... if it had been Aria, would I have the strength and energy you have found within you? It is much easier to fall apart, yet your posts continue to find the 'good news' and spread hope & love for all those who need it - not just Ruby.
It is hard to think about the illness within your baby girl, easy to forget when she is such a delight. The CF foundation is now the charity we will continue to support, with the the hope that a cure will be found within Ruby's lifetime.
Danni - I am so blessed to have met you & I hope our friendship continues to grow. You inspire me every day. Love to all of u xo