Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eliza's Birthday

Family dynamics change when a new sibling comes along. Most parents with more than one child can attest to that! Our daughter Eliza had to adjust to so much so quickly, and without the comforts familiar to her. Her home, her friends, her toys, were taken away from her when she probably needed them most.

That's why we decided to make sure she had a proper 3rd birthday party. Her birthday is 3 days after Ruby and we were originally going to forgo a party for her this time. But she needed some time away from the hospital, and this was the perfect excuse.
 Lucky for us, we have amazing family and friends who organised a party in about a day. Craig and
I didn't have to worry about anything. There was just enough people there to make it special without it being too overwhelming. They were all people important to Eliza. I wasn't able to be there, but I really, truly didn't mind one bit. I was just happy knowing that she was having a fun day with the focus totally on her.

 When Eliza first arrived at the park with her dad, she stopped him and asked if he could please hold her hand while they walked. It took her a while to get into party mode, but with the help of her family and friends, she ended up having a fantabulous time!

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