Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Clinic is where Ruby sees a team of specialists to help manage her Cystic Fibrosis. She normally sees  her respiratory specialist, CF nurse, nutritionist and physiotherapist. The team also includes a gastroenterologist and social worker. The clinic is at Westmead Children's Hospital. As a newborn, we were there at least every second week, now that she is a bit older, and more importantly, heavier, we only need to go down once a month. If she stays healthy, the visits will be spaced out to every three months.

Here is a photo journal of our clinic visit today:

 As soon as we arrive, Ruby is weighed and measured. She has put on weight and grown well! Infact she is growing longer so quickly that her weight is just keeping in proportion with her length.

  The staff at clinic always take the time to come and say hello. Ruby gets alot of attention as she always smiles at everyone.

This is the most unpleasant part of our visits. a sputum sample is taken to make sure there is no bacteria growing in her throat. The sample is taken by a suction tube being shoved down the back of her throat. Doesn't take very long to do. 

 This is the snack box in the nutritionists room where the kids are encouraged to help themselves! 

 There is always something going on at a childrens hospital! Today we got a visit from some fairies and superheroes. Eliza was very lucky and was given a bag full of treats! Textas, colouring books, stickers, jewellery, a magnetic "learn chinese" kit(?!)...
 Ruby with her respiritory doctor who is her primary medical carer. He is listening to her lungs to make sure they are all clear, which they are.

We saw the gastroenterologist today who checked out her surgery scar and asked lots of questions about poo!

We picked up some of Ruby's medication for the next few months. We always leave with more than what we came with.


Karina said...

LOVE the nutritionists snack box...I think I would like to see him/her about my diet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Danni. Im all keen for the next one. And i might grab that nutritionists number as well thanks very much :)

Sue McLean said...

Hey Danni
Love the blog and the photos!! Great idea!
Glad she is doing well

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Danni! Great Idea to show photos of your journey.