Tuesday, May 17, 2011

16th Day - !@#!? UPS

 OK, so common theme here, I don't really have much to write about, but I'm not complaining! I do remember this though.

 When unexpected situations arrive, when you are not a seasoned hospital mumma, you tend to just trust that the medical staff are doing things for a reason. Before you have gathered your thoughts or gotten your bearings, you just stand in the middle of the storm, watching all these "important" things happen around you.

Then, the longer you are in that environment, the more you feel a part of it, whether you want to or not. You go from timidly asking the nurse if you can change your baby's nappy to pretty much doing the "cares" yourself. You understand more what each cord it, what alarms not to worry about and what fluids are going through the IV lines.
The second week at NICU, an orderly came u[ to Ruby's crib. He looked at his paperwork and said "Ruby?" Yep, I replied. 
"I'm just going to take her down for her ECG" he said. 
Now normally, I would have just presumed it was just another procedure that she had to have, but this time it just didn't seem right to me. I got him to check his paperwork again. It definately said Ruby, he confirmed. One of Ruby's nurses turned up (they were never far away) and checked the paperwork herself. Yes, it said Ruby.but not our Ruby. It was the Ruby on the other side of the room with congenital heart disease. 

Although this was not a life threatening mistake, it was a wake-up call for me. It showed me that although NICU was run like a tight ship, mistakes can and undoubtebly will happen. It is my job as Ruby's mum to protect her from these mistakes. Just as you would hold your child's hand when crossing the road, I will check my child's medication.

Another CF mum gave me some advice, she said that I am my childs advocate..her voice..and that...I should always go with my gut instinct and if no ones listening or taking me seriously...then keep on perservering!


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