Monday, May 2, 2011


Well we are still in the first year, so I can't really say it is the worst year! It definitely has bad times, but there are so many wonderful moments as well. 

Compared to others experiences, I would say our first year so far has been quite uneventful. We've had a bit of everything but nothing too serious. It's been like an orientation period. A period of learning and unlearning. All the experience we thought we had as parents to a 3 year old? Out the window! Everything had changed. The way we fed Ruby, the physio, the medication...
She has never even spent the night in our room. She was an independent one alright. Didn't like lying in peoples arms, wouldn't go to sleep if you were holding her, total opposite of Eliza!

Eliza and Ruby meet for the first time
I found it hard learning about the limitations she will have. Being told things like, no indoor pools, no sandpits, no bath toys, no eating dirt, no jumping in puddles, use antibacterial products at all times, avoiding childcare. All said in the same breath as "but you can't stop her from being a kid".

The first year is hard because these are babies we are talking about. Babies who should be at home with their families in a safe environment. Not poked and prodded and detached from their family. 
Ruby's first breath of fresh air EVER! 15 days old.
The first year (so far) has also been so wonderful! Ruby is a great sleeper, that is all I ever wanted! We have seen her little cheeky character come out. She is a determined little thing with a beautiful nature. She wins people over by smiling at them, from the day she learned to smile. She loves watching her sister and I love watching them together. Just like a family without CF, the first year is a special year full of discoveries and special moments. Despite the start that we have had, I am loving this year so far!


Our first family photo! Ruby was 15 days old and finally cord free and able to leave the ward

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