Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5th Day - DIET


When we were getting CF explained to us, it was always mentioned how the CF diet required extra fat and calories and salt. I didn't worry about it too much as Ruby was still on intravenous TPN, let alone solids. I envisaged changes like switching from low fat yoghurt to full fat.

That's not quite what they meant.

avocado mixed with Greek yoghurt and grated cheese.

I could feed Ruby McDonalds for breakfast lunch and dinner and get a thumbs up from the nutritionist. I could dip her fruit in chocolate and call it a healthy meal. I could feed her a stick of butter for a snack... ewwwww.......

But I don't want to do that.

So I use other things instead. Here is a typical days meal for her at 9 months old

Breaky: 2 weetbix with chia seeds and milk, or bowl of Greek yoghurt with chia gel.  Vegemite on toast.

Snack: cheese (loves cheese!), avocado, tomato and sultanas

Lunch: meat fingers (made with beef mince, grated vegies, coconut oil)

Snack: baked beans and grated cheese

Dinner: fritata type thing I make in the bowl with egg and vegies and cheese and microwave. Washed down with a drink of Hydralyte

Desert: chocolate (plenty left from Easter still!)

Plus 3 - 4 bottles of fortified formula per day

The snackbox in the CF dietitian's room

When I was introducing solids, I would just cook up some vegies and add coconut oil. Then I started making things specific for her like red lentil casserole.

Before, she was on solids, I did my research. I finally felt like a had a heads up on something. Time to prepare, time to learn. Here was a way I could take control of my baby's health. No prescriptions needed. I could research and make my own decision as to what I felt was best for her. Some interesting thing I have found.

Broccoli helps clear damaged lungs as well as being a great immunity booster

Coconut oil is amazing! Google it! The parts that I like are: increased immunity, proper digestion, had Vitamin K & E, and is has the highest amount of fat. And it smells good!

Chia seeds are also high in fat and are known as a "superfood". They can be mixed with water to make a gel, and have no taste. 
raw tomato, tuna and cheese covered broccoli & carrots

I don't do the whole calorie counting thing, I just feed her as much as possible. I adjust the amount of enzymes when I notice her poo is oily, or if I am told to. At the moment, Ruby has 2 capsules/scoops of Creon 5000 for every meal unless the meal is very low fat or I think most of it will end up on the floor. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to fatten up a prize goose to take to market! But I enjoy it, it is therapeutic, and Ruby certainly isn't complaining!

zucchini & mushrooms sauteed in lotsa butter

cheesy tuna & vegie rissoni with coconut oil


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