Friday, May 6, 2011

7th Day - SCHOOL

School school school.
This is a long way off but it actually plays on my mind quite a bit.

What if Ruby misses out on so much that she falls behind?
What if she is bullied because of her CF?
Will she want to tell people about it or keep it a secret?
Will she miss out on things like school camps?

I  believe that she will be healthy enough to not miss out on too much. I see her as being an assertive child who will not take crap from anyone. Confident enough not to be ashamed of having CF, intuitive enough to pick friends who will accept.  Plus, she will have a secret weapon there..her big sister! If all else fails, I will homeschool her. Simple as that.

But before school, there is childcare. Not planning on using that. I am lucky enough (at the moment) to be  a stay at home mum so there is no need. Now that Eliza is 3, she goes once a week to a small pre-school. Maybe Ruby will too, when she is 3, we will see. I'm not worried about Ruby not learning social skills before this age. Her health is more important. We have a circle of friends we see quite often, she is most certainly not kept in a bubble. I have a few great friends who I trust to mind her if I need to. I am blessed.

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